Playa del Carmen and Tulum incorporated into C5 surveillance network

Videovigilancia: Quintana Roo inaugura el C5 más moderno de Latinoamérica

In them, a main operating room has been set up for video surveillance, emergency calls to 911, analysis, and intelligence. In addition, C5 has telecommunications, press and training rooms, administrative offices, and surveillance, security, and telecommunications tower.

Thanks to the C5, the Quintana Roo Police will control more than 2,200 video surveillance cameras at 450 monitoring points. And also six security arches equipped with license plate readers and some with facial recognition and biometric data.

The new C5 is part of the Quintana Roo Seguro program . And it will work in coordination with the Intelligence and Cyber ​​Police units, the National Guard, the Sedena, the Federal Police, the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Quintana Roo Police, Civil Protection, the Ministry of Tourism, and the agencies that deal with cases of gender violence.

Greater vigilance and a more agile response

At the inauguration ceremony, Governor Carlos Joaquín emphasized that thanks to technological advances, Quintana Roo’s C5 will facilitate surveillance of conurbation areas and areas with a high crime rate. And also provide an agile and timely security response when circumstances require it.

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