Puerto Escondido beaches close for 15 days, fines and jail for violators


Oaxaca- Due to the increase in infections and hospitalizations due to COVID in Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido authorities reported that they will not allow tourists or residents to enter the beaches

Through a statement, it was reported that as of this Sunday, August 1, the Puerto Piedra, Bahía Principal, Playa Marinero, Zicatela Beach, Punta Zicatela, and other beaches that reach El Puertecito will be closed until the 15th of August. same month. 

In addition, the prohibition of all types of social, sports, political, cultural, and religious gatherings is decreed, as well as the reduction of capacity in commercial spaces, restaurants, and public transport, establishing the mandatory use of a mask. 

The Cabildo also agreed to punish with fines, administrative sanctions, community work, and jail up to 36 days, those who do not respect sanitary restrictions. 

The municipality declared itself on high alert due to the massive increase in infections and deaths. 

According to data from the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO), Santa María Colotepec registers 202 accumulated confirmed cases and 7 deaths. While the Coast region accumulates 3 thousand 707 accumulated cases and 337 deaths. 

In San Pedro Mixtepec, the other municipality where Puerto Escondido is located, the alert is also at maximum and the authority decreed from the middle of July the entrance to the red traffic light, the cancellation of all events and publics and the reduction of the capacity to 25%; however, it has not reported on the closure of its beaches. 

The closure of beaches in Puerto Escondido occurs precisely in the summer vacation period, when the entity expected a strong economic recovery. 

According to the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Oaxaca, in this period 325 thousand visitors were expected and an economic spill of 1,411 million pesos was projected: 360 in the capital, 783 in Huatulco and 267 in Puerto Escondido.

Source: eluniversal.com.mx, ciudadania-express.com

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