Narnia in Culiacán, by 2022


In the year 2022, there will be tourist trips to the Kingdom of Narnia within the municipality of Culiacán.

Tourism authorities are planning to implement transfers of tourists from all over the state to the “Mexican Narnia”. The purpose is to increase the economic benefit of the inhabitants of the Imala community.

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Given the interest of local and foreign visitors to visit the place called Narnia, located in the community of Imala, the municipality of Culiacán plans to implement seasonal tourist trips from Culiacán and other municipalities, announced Alma Patricia Elenes Bernal, director of tourism in the City Council.

She explained that in order to increase the economic benefit for the inhabitants of the Imala brotherhood, the society’s discovery of this attraction for Culiacán will be used, as well as the trips that are made during some months of the year to Destinations like Mocorito and its sunflowers will attract people to Narnia.

Likewise, Elenes Bernal explained that these trips will be available until next year, approximately on the same date that the water levels of the Sanalona dam allow enjoying the place, which is why a visit to this area was made by the Mayor of Culiacán Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, and that served to determine care strategies that will be implemented immediately to avoid damage to visitors and contamination as had been manifested a few days ago.

The director of tourism also said that, in the remainder of the year, interested people from the Imala community will be trained, so they can start their own new businesses with the support of productive programs of the state, selling souvenirs, food or providing other tourism services.

Source: Debate

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