Jalisco drivers of Uber, InDriver, Cabify, all will have to register


The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, announced this Tuesday at a press conference that they will carry out an online registration of all vehicles and drivers of the platform and transport networks, for the safety of users and their regularization.

Diego Monraz Villaseñor, Secretary of Transportation, explained how this service will work, to guarantee the trust of users, knowing who is in charge of the flyers, whose platform will be updated every year, in addition to knowing that it is not a pirate vehicle.

“We are going to have an online registration, you will remember that in previous years, as for platform operators, it became an ordeal to go to register and make very long lines, and although there were two attempts that failed, it was not possible to know for sure nor how many units were there, nor who are the drivers ”, he stated.

Monraz pointed out that it is a very important issue in the field of security: “Which also includes in what we have been working with the Secretariat for Substantive Equality, for more security for users of this type of platform, for minors who also use them. ”.

He announced that with this platform: “We are going to know and speed up the process, so that we have a constant update of each and every transport network operator. For them it is an easier system, which makes them lose time and which is going to cost them so much ”.

Governor announced registration on Uber's driver platform

The secretary considered that this was an outstanding debt, and it did not represent a cost for the government, as he recalled that in the previous six-year term, 60 million pesos were spent in two attempts that failed.

“We already know today how many platform vehicles there are in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, and now we will know more precisely, through this process, who they are, how many are the operators of this service.” 

Governor Alfaro highlighted the relevance of this registry: “Today for the first time we are going to have a registry of all those who are vehicles and drivers of Uber, InDriver, Cabify, all of them, for the safety of users and for the federal government to implement regulation policies in a more effective way ”, expressed the executive

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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