Despite reports of hotel cancellations and covid outbreaks, the streets of Mazatlan are full of tourist


No matter how high the thermal sensation rises or how cold the sea water is, those who set foot in Mazatlán seek to distract themselves from what they always observe in their own cities.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- On similar dates but last year, tourist activity was not even close to what it is today in Mazatlán.

It is July 2021. The pandemic is more prevalent than ever. Sinaloa registers 4,685 cases of covid-19 throughout its territory, according to the Ministry of Health, however, in the most touristy streets of the port of Mazatlán vehicles full of walkers from different parts of the country are observed.


In the Aquarium, for example, there are long lines of onlookers waiting patiently in the sun to enter the penguin, a new attraction.


At another point in the city, near Cerro del Crestón, better known as El Faro, young people and adults prepare to board a catamaran that will sail coastal waters.


They are also seen, above all, on Avenida Del Mar. loading into aurigas or the famous pulmonias and safaris, taking photos of the Malecón.

They are seen crossing the street in the direction of the warehouses, hanging their small coolers by their arms or taking the little ones by the arm.


Still, others are seen arriving at hotels, where they have had reservations for weeks. And on that, the hotel sector has already recognized that there has been a good percentage of cancellations.


“There was a slowdown, there have been few people who have canceled, very few, as well as very few people have changed dates, the intensity of reservations has dropped, we trust that the experience we have in the specific case of Mazatlán (…) It is what is going to move us forward, “said the president of the ‘Tres Islas’ Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez.

Tourists line up to take photos in Mazatlan letters

It was necessary to use one of the municipal government drones, which issues recommendations to visitors on following health protocols

The Valentinos photographic parador is one of the busiest places for visitors in the port. This Friday afternoon, dozens of tourists were observed queuing to take the souvenir photo in this place.

As night fell, and when the beaches were closed, the flow of people walking along the boardwalk increased, so it was necessary to start one of the municipal government drones, which issues recommendations to visitors about monitoring the sanitary protocols.

In the stalls selling handicrafts and souvenirs, there was also a large influx of foreigners, as well as locals doing physical and sports activities.

Commander Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, head of the Mazatlán Public Security Secretariat, mentioned that this is one of the areas where they are reinforcing the biosafety operation by distributing mouth covers to passersby.

He added that visitors have been following the recommendations and are being delivered from 1,500 to 2,000 face masks a day, and although the vast majority were wearing it correctly, the healthy distance, in line and positions, went unnoticed.

No matter how high the thermal sensation rises or how cold the seawater is, those who set foot in Mazatlán seek to distract themselves from what they always observe in their own cities. And just as they come from Campeche, Guadalajara, or Toluca, a large part of tourists come to the land of deer through the road networks that link the surrounding states, reflected in the influx on weekends.

“Occupancy levels are now around 50-52 percent, over the weekend we are going to see if it is lowered or sustained (…) we know that right now health issues have to be prioritized,” continued Manguart Sánchez.

And despite the fact that these cancellations have been reported, the hotel sector knows that there is an enemy behind the protocols, vacation rentals.


The Mazatlan Post