AMLO goes after foreign energy companies


SAT and Sener suspend contracts to 82 energy companies: Repsol, Ferrosur, KCSM, Shell, among others

Together, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Ministry of Energy (Sener) announced the suspension of contracts for 82 energy companies; the reason they indicate is that these companies did not comply with the legal requirements in fiscal terms.

According to federal authorities, the 82 companies were “out of order in the Importers Register, in the Register of Importers of Specific Sectors and in the Sectorial Exporters Register, in accordance with the provisions of rule 1.3.3 of the General Rules of Foreign Trade ”.

In the list presented yesterday, there are the companies Ferrosur and Kansas City Southern of Mexico, also Ferrosur, which belongs to Germán Larrea, as well as the international oil companies Repsol and Total.

In the statement, the SAT indicates that the actions “are in addition to the various efforts that have been promoted to reduce tax evasion and avoidance.


Mexico Daily Post