Sedena presents the new catalog of firearms for sale in Mexico. Are you interested in one? check the cost


Remember that all acquisitions are made in person at the facilities of the Armament and Ammunition Marketing Directorate, located in Mexico City and Apodaca Monterrey

Mexico .- Just on July 12, 2021, the Ministry of National Defense published the updated catalog of firearms available for sale in Mexico, a process that must be carried out in person at its facilities.

There are 100 types of weapons and accessories of different brands, but the catalog is expanded with available stocks, whose prices range from 44.91 pesos to 58,810 pesos as shown in its inventory catalog. 

For example, the Sedena has six. 22 “LR Anschutz M. 1712, whose price is 56,810.02 pesos including VAT; these types of carbines are world-famous for their solid design, functional safety, and unmatched shooting performance. They are mostly used in competitions, including the Olympic Games and the World Championships, it is the one used in the repeating rifles of the 1700 Series. 

Another type of rifle that is offered and that has the Sedena 5 in stock, is the caliber AL.22 LR Browning grade 1 Ref.68, semi-automatic that has a cost of 19,230.40 

The cheapest item is a Fabarm Camo semi-automatic shotgun stock with a price of 44.91 pesos including VAT, very similar to the one in the following image.

More models of weapons from the Sedena catalog for sale can be found here

Remember that by law, for the acquisition of weapons you must meet certain requirements such as a special permit, as well as others that the armed forces will request to know if you are suitable to protect, carry or use this type of weapon. 

Application to purchase a gun, rifle, or ammunition in Mexico click here

The most recent catalog presents an extensive list of weapons available for sale as the cheapest a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 Synthetic shotgun at 7,099 pesos and 55 cents.

Now, the most expensive is a 22 caliber pistol LM Morini model CM22M at 77 thousand 45 pesos and 76 cents; Remember that prices can change at any time, so if you need it, take advantage of it from today. 

If you want to consult the complete catalog of weapons for sale by Sedena, check the list here

Who can purchase a firearm in Mexico

  • Requirements to request a private individual license to carry a firearm.
    • The requirements to request a private individual license to carry a firearm are those specified in section I of article 26 and 27 of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, 25 and 26 of its Regulations, adhering to the formats published in the Official Gazette of the Federation dated January 12, 2004, published for consultation by the general public, on the website at the following link: sedena-02-025 , being the following:
  • Have an honest way of living: Document signed by the Head of the Institution, indicating the date, since when he has been working, the position he occupies, the economic income earned and the conduct observed.
  • Have fulfilled the obligations with the National Military Service
    • Photocopy of the National Military Service Record and Release Sheet
  • Have no physical and mental impairment:
    • Medical certificate of no physical impairment (Physical health) issued by a doctor with a legally registered title.
    • Medical-psychological certificate (Mental health) issued by a licensed psychologist with a legally registered title, attaching the results of the tests carried out for this purpose.
  • Non-criminal record certificate: Issued by the corresponding authority.
  • Certificate of non-consumption of drugs, enervants or psychotropic (toxicological), issued by a doctor with a legally registered title; attaching the laboratory results carried out for this purpose.
  • Proof of valid address no more than six months (Electricity, water, telephone or property bill)
  • Format with photograph, signed with a medium nib and the photograph must be in color credential size, front, with a white background, without touching and without retouching.
  • Accredit, at the discretion of the Secretary of National Defense, the need to carry weapons (Indicate reasons that suit your right in the request, that you send).
  • If you are a foreign national, you must present a copy of the FM2 immigration form or Letter of Naturalization, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Relations.
  • Documentation that must be entered in the customer service module of the General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Explosives Control, Ground Floor of the Services Building, located at Avenida Industria Militar No. 1111, Military Field No. 1-D, Lomas de Tecamachalco, Naucalpan, Edo. Mex., CP 53950. Personally or through the parcel service of your choice.
  • Likewise, the fact of sending the required documentation does not imply that this Secretariat is obliged to issue the corresponding carrying license, since the application and other complementary documentation will have to be analyzed.
  • In case you require more information, we put at your disposal the email:, or you can go to the General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Explosives Control, which is located at the aforementioned address.

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