Some common questions about coming to live in Mazatlán


Coming on vacation is very different from living in Mazatlán in terms of what you need to know about the city and where to get different products for everyday life in this new city.

In Mazatlán a little bit over 500, 000 people who work, eat and live together in this port that is mainly dedicated to fishing, tourism and having many attractions such as the beach in addition to a less accelerated life compared to other cities draws the attention of people to live in the pearl of the pacific.

Is LP or Natural Gas used in Mazatlán?

In many cities in Mexico, there is gas available in steel cilinders in Mazatlán LP gas is used and it is obtained in cylinders or the stationary tanks that the houses have installed on the roofs are filled.

Are there wholesale stores like Sam’s Club or Cotsco?

In Mazatlán there is no Costco but there is Sam’s Club where you can buy wholesale, but we also have stores like El Competitor that have a presence in municipal markets where you can buy grocery products at good prices. And since you are in the market where you can buy your fresh fruit and vegetables at a good price.

Do you sell tomatoes here?

The red fruit that in some states is known as Jitomate here is called Tomate, and the smallest green one is known as tomatillo. We mention this so that you are not going to have a bad time and your green sauce is red.

How much does a rental cost in Mazatlán?

If you search on Facebook for a house or apartment, prices vary a lot depending on the area, the size of the house, and whether it is furnished or not, fluctuating between 3,500 and 14,000 or more.

Due to the increase in vacation rentals, monthly and long-term rental rentals have become difficult to find.

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Where are inexpensive kitchens and prepared food?

It depends on the area where you are going to move but in the markets, there is cheap food, on Avenida Insurgentes is the little kitchen that sells homemade food, in Colonia Lopez Mateos there is Rosy’s little kitchen with homemade food, in Zona Dorada, there is the kitchen of Ana in laguna street. In the street Ejército Mexicano next to the Oxxo de la Ferrocarrilera this Chayito Economic Kitchen and at home is Mi Cocina in av. The marina has free home delivery.

Where can I pay my electricity bill in Mazatlán

If you want to pay it at CFE ATMs in Mazatlán, they are at:

  • Av. Rafael Buelna corner with Dr Jesus Kumate before arriving at the Polimedica Tower
  • Plaza Ley del Mar in Carretera Internacional al Norte and anaxagoras street in front of Rerstaurante la Curva in the Jacarandas neighborhood
  • Center at Calle 21 de Marzo and German Evers
  • El Conchi: In the premises of the Gas Station on Av. Manuel j. Clouthier

If it is very hot in Mazatlán?

During the summer if high temperatures are reached up to 34 degrees Celsius with 80% humidity, which is a temperature where it is not comfortable to live. It is due to these temperatures that in the minimum port there is a fan (here we call them fans) and air conditioning at least for sleeping.

Getting used to the idea that it’s going to be hot is part of having the beach close by and living in Mazatlán

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