Mexican stock market investors grow 217%


From Apple to Bimbo, Mexican open accounts to invest in the stock market soar 217%

In 2019 there were 400,000 direct accounts of individual investing, by December 2020 they reached 1 million 384,000.

In the midst of the pandemic, the number of Mexicans who saw in the stock market and the purchase of shares an investment alternative and make their money grow, in fact, the number of direct accounts in the country grew 217%, reaching 1 million 384,000, either through brokerage houses, banks or mobile applications that allow the purchase and sale of shares.

According to the director of the Mexican Stock Exchange School, Gerardo Aparicio, this increase is due to the fact that when some economic contractions and “lean cows” are looming, many people realize that, in moments of crisis in the history of humanity, they are the most important to be able to invest.

“If you compare 2019 with 2020, there was a very relevant increase in the number of individual accounts that have been opened, in 2019 in round numbers we are around 400,000 direct accounts that the investing public had in the country and by December 2020 The figure reached 1 million 384,000 accounts, an increase of 217%, ”he says in an interview with Forbes Mexico.

And it is that he explains, the people in this confinement were able to take a break of a few minutes and truly go away removing this large number of paradigms, false ideas that exist in the market and realize that with a small amount of resources they can begin to make up this investment activity.

However, Gerardo Aparicio clarifies that in history it is not entirely pink, because one thing is that contracts are opened and quite another is that they are truly operated; the difference that can be noticed in the asset holdings of brokerage firms, which increased a very small amount last year, around 2.5%.

“I think that it is a very relevant first step that people are already opening their contract, but now it is necessary for people to truly feel the confidence of being able to start buying or selling instruments that are on the market… It makes them It is necessary to know the type of instruments that they have at their disposal, to identify that those amounts with which they opened the investment account may be some that are not enough to be able to buy it, speaking, for example, of foreign issuers where a title can cost you 3,500 up to 80,000 pesos, an ETF that contains all the most relevant technology companies today ”, he assures.

The regional director for Latin America of eToro, Tali Salomón, coincides with the growth in the world due to the interest of people in investing in the stock market, of which Mexico is not outside the avalanche of retail investors to the financial market.

“We saw that the pandemic had to come for people to take hands of their finances, interest in this world and better investment decisions; There are several things that affected, first free time and many people turned to the financial market, to which is added the accumulation of news, the cases of Game Stop, for example ”.  

In addition, the investment platform’s directive highlights that another factor that had an influence was an increase in savings, due to the reduction of consumption expenses, such as restaurants or travel.

“It is a combination of savings and free time that generated greater interest in investment platforms, this generated a multiplied number of users of our platform, we grew 5 million users in 2020 and we have a growth of 2 million users in the first quarter of the year (2021) ”.

What are the points to consider before investing in the stock market?

However, when deciding to invest in the stock market there are several points that people should know, from the type of instruments available, since it is not only company shares that are available, in addition to the returns, which are generally directly related to risk.

The director of the Escuela Bolsa Mexicana specifies that a person must open his contract only and exclusively with his intermediary, it can be a bank, a brokerage house, an investment fund.

“It is a market where you can limit the amount of risk that you are willing to accept, in the face of a possible future performance of a certain issuer or a certain investment product; I could give you 10%, higher than the reference rate or the Cetes rate that exists in the market, but you would have to assimilate a percentage of risk, be able to have a handicap or a possible loss of capital, in a percentage of 3% or 5%.

Therefore, he considers that, with the interest rates that exist in Mexico and around the world, they force you to put participate in some variable income instruments (company shares), which is the one with the highest risk, in order to compensate the loss of the value of money due to inflation.

Since the return is something that every investor should be very clear about, the most profitable instruments in the stock market also offer the highest risk percentages, the least risky instruments that exist in the stock market offer the lowest return that exists in the market.

But there are other mechanisms, such as Exchange Trade Fund (ETF’s) which are a basket of financial assets and listed securities, whose objective is to replicate the movements of an index, which can be fixed income, variable income, currencies, raw materials; in addition to the debt market, the one with the lowest risk and yield.

Tali Salomón tells Forbes Mexico that one of the greatest incentives to invest in the financial market is to take care of money, generate a return on savings because keeping them in a currency will devalue, and investing in the financial market is a good way to take care of it. against inflation

Therefore, he advises not to invest the money that a person cannot lose, “you must plan how much money you have for daily consumption, how much to be cautious, how much is planned to save and this can be exposed to irrigation, how much can be in a very irrigation high, how much medium and how much in a lower one, so that it diversifies it ”.

Stock market outlook and sectors with better expectations

For the director of Analysis and Stock Market Strategy of BX +, Juan Rich, what impacted the market in the last 12 months was the issue of the pandemic, since just a year ago, in the second quarter of 2020, was when there was more pressure in the results of companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange and the world.

” 12 months later we are advancing in an important market recovery, the companies have made a considerable effort to improve their results, including the average profitability of efficiencies or innovate”.

The analyst highlights that the BMV has registered a 37% yield in the last 12 months and they expect a sequential recovery of the companies’ results; especially due to the low comparison levels of 2020.

“The part of openings helps department storesrestaurantstravel, tourism, airports. We can see a recovery in the part of services and consumption. The industrial issue due to high metal prices should present good results and on an international issue, energy with companies related to oil ”, says Rich.

While Tali Salomón believes that although last year there were sectors that predominated as the most attractive, such as technology, whose actions were one of the most popular; in 2021 there will be other protagonists, “we call it the revenge of travel, some actions of travel companies such as Roya Caribean, Delta, are going to take interest”.


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