The only state in Red light, 5 Sinaloa hospitals at 100%


According to data from the Federal Ministry of Health, through the IRAG Network Information System, Mazatlán is the municipality with the most full hospitals

Mazatlán, Sin.- Little by little, the hospital occupation in Sinaloa has been losing the progress it had before the third wave of infections and with a cut to July 18, five state hospitals report 100 percent of their beds with patients infected due to the proliferation of the Delta variant.

According to data from the Federal Ministry of Health, through the Information System Network SARI, the municipality with more hospitals filled in their areas is Mazatlan.

There are three hospitals that no longer have beds available: the General Hospital of Mazatlán, one of the first hospitals in the state where the increase in the entry of infected people was detected; the HGZMF 3 IMSS and Issste.

In red and also with 100 percent hospital occupancy is the Issste in Los Mochis and the IMSS-Bienestar hospital in El Fuerte.

The IMSS of Culiacán is at the same red light, but in a lower percentage, with an occupation of 94 percent. At 80 percent, there is the HGZ 49 in Los Mochis.

The platform explains that, ” the Ministry of Health makes this system available to the public, in order to make transparent and communicate the hospital occupation information of health institutions, in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic ” .

The data provided comes from the Ministry of Health’s own statistical sources, while the development of the platform is the responsibility of the International Laboratory of Space Technology and Research of the Institute of Geography of UNAM.


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