Mazatlan closes beaches starting at 8 pm


Monday, July 19, 2021, 4:52 PM

Starting at 8:00 p.m., all people will be removed from the beach area, reported the Secretary of Public Security in Mazatlán

The Secretary of Public Security in Mazatlán clarified that, in terms of the detainees, and more so now that Sinaloa returned to red for active cases of COVID, various criteria are being taken, such as; They do not send any homeless person to the holding cells and those who have been apprehended for any offense to the Police and Good Government Side, before entering the separations their temperature is measured and if it represents a risk, they do not let it pass.

“At 8:00 p.m. people are invited to vacate the beaches, that’s why we are going to bring the ATVs there so that he (lifeguard) from end to end checks that there is no one, and that is why we have the bars there”

“… we are using the criteria in the question of detainees because before entering the separations we have a doctor on duty and a nurse who are taking their temperature and everything, how is the detainee doing,” he explained. 

The high command of the police revealed that all personnel with a chronic condition have been sent to a strategic area, away from the contact of the population or the operational part to prevent them from contracting the coronavirus.

And the corporation only reports a Municipal Transit commander sick with COVID, who is stable and has not had complications. Given this, the call is to continue taking care of ourselves and always wear the mask, keep a healthy distance and use the antibacterial gel.  

Out all!  Mazatlan beaches will be closed at night;  they don't want more drowned people

The determination to avoid confinement in Sinaloa, by the State Government, despite being in red, the epidemiological traffic light of COVID-19, is correct since it will help to avoid greater damage to the economy of businesses and companies, that barely and survive at the moment, agreed in demonstrating, merchants and employees.

Vendors of souvenirs, food prepared on the street, and even handicrafts in the port of Mazatlán, stated that the level reached by Sinaloa and where the port does not escape the high number of active cases of the virus is that everyone must contribute to the care using face masks, in addition to maintaining a healthy distance and helping the health sector that continues to fight in hospitals.

 “It makes me very successful, because we already realized that closing deals, that is, not the truth. Charity that does not close, that children go to school, there are worse things that should be attacked, for example, garbage. Once the stores are closed, then if it affects us all, really, let them leave the tourists, if they decided to come, let people take advantage of it ”.

Those interviewed by Línea Directa this Monday, in the first picture of the City and Port of Mazatlán, said that the experience of last year, where everything was closed and they sent home, caused incalculable damage for many, to the extent that there were businesses that they could no longer open and generating job losses, which should not be repeated.

They pointed out that, with this level of active cases of the coronavirus, everyone, from home, raise awareness of the care and take precautions when going out on the street, because it is a public health problem and that we must contribute with the doctors who give the fight in the care of people who are staying in hospitals.

Capacity in bars and restaurants in Mazatlán will be reduced due to COVID red traffic light

Although Mazatlán will not return to confinement, restrictions will be adjusted to control COVID-19 infections, said the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez

Now that Sinaloa has returned to red due to the high number of COVID-19 casesMazatlán will be stricter in the application of the protocols, and from now on, the capacity in bars, restaurants, and event halls will be reduced to reduce the risks of contagion, declared Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.


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