Out of state vehicles will need a permit to enter Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta exempt from emissions verification


The controversy over mandatory verification in Jalisco continues to generate confusion and the Vallarta Independiente team wants to give you the information clearly.

Therefore, we are going to point out, point by point, what will apply as of August 1 and what is ruled out for Puerto Vallarta.

What will apply:

  • All vehicles in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area must schedule their appointment for verification, according to the letter with which their license plate ends and it will cost 500 pesos.
  • In case the verification is unsuccessful, they will need to make adjustments to the vehicle and have a FREE second verification to obtain the certificate.
  • In the event that the time period for verification is passed, it may be done at a cost of 550 pesos.
  • For out of state vehicles that go to the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, the permit must be requested from the authority, which is completely free and has a validity of 20 days.
  • If the out of state vehicle is going to stay in the municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area for more than 20 days, then it will have to carry out the verification.

What will not apply:

  • Mandatory verification in Puerto Vallarta as of August 1. There are no checkpoints in this city, therefore, there will be no sanctioning operations. When there are verification centers operating, the bases and verification schedules will be given.
  • For foreign vehicles that come to Vallarta, it will not be a requirement to request the special permit , as it is only for vehicles that go to the AMG “GUADALAJARA”

Source: vallartaindependiente.com

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