Venados de Mazatlán receives German athlete Jonas Deichmann on his tour of the world


Club Venados de Mazatlán received the German athlete Jonas Deichmann, known as “the record man” and who arrived in Mazatlán this Wednesday, July 14, as part of his tour of the world, which began in September 2020.

Deichmann explained that within his triathlon route he had already swam 500 kilometers in the Mediterranean and later crossed Europe and Asia by bicycle towards the Pacific near Japan. The third part of his route will be done in a 120-day marathon crossing Mexico.

“The tour of Mexico began in Tijuana on July 10, I arrived in La Paz to take the ferry, now I am in Mazatlán, it has been difficult because of the humidity, but it is very beautiful, from here we go up to Durango and continue to Cancun”.

Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, and born on April 15, 1987, he travels the world pulling a small cart where he transports his tent, a sleeping bag, food, and water, waiting for what surprise the next day brings him.

“I do what I like, I do it for adventure, I know that something new is going to happen, I have woken up with lions, elephants and today I am in a stadium, there are always surprises and in Mexico, the reception has been phenomenal.

“I also do it for people, who know that things can be done, if you want something you have to start following your dreams,” added the German.

The Deichmann finished his tour at the home of the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, where he was received by Club executives and received kits from the Marketing and Sales Director, Paúl Luque Wiley.

There are still 3,500 meters left for the adventurer, who will climb the mountains to Durango, later he will pass through Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Yucatán, a journey that he hopes to complete in 3 months.

With information from the Venados Club

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