Study suggests that drinking two beers a day reduces the risk of developing diabetes


In addition, the drink protects you from cardiovascular problems.

Can you imagine that your family doctor prescribes you to drink one or two beers a day as a treatment to reduce the risk of having diabetes? This could be possible since research suggests that barley drink contributes to reducing the chances of contracting the disease in men.

Moderate Consumption of Beer and Its Effects on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health: An Updated Review of Recent Scientific Evidence, from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), reviews research on the subject and defends the consumption of the beverage.

According to the studies reviewed, moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of diabetes in men. However, excessive alcohol consumption is considered a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, which can be triggered by impaired glucose tolerance.

In the research, it is ‘prescribed’ to consume one or two beers a day in the case of men, and one in women.

Another finding about the benefits of moderate beer intake follows that the risk of having cardiovascular alterations is reduced, and fractures or bone wear are avoided in the elderly. Furthermore, it does not appear to be associated with general or abdominal obesity.

It is also clarified that the health benefits associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages are modulated by characteristics such as lifestyle, gender, age, and genetic characteristics.


Mexico Daily Post