Fireball in the sky surprises residents of southern Veracruz


Surprise and in some cases even fear, caused during Friday night the passage of the Dragon cargo space capsule that could be observed as a comet or trail of fire in the southern area of ​​the State of Veracruz, upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to reports on social networks, during the night of Friday, citizens were able to capture a huge ball of fire that crossed the sky, thinking that it was a shooting star or some meteor that could have fallen to earth.

According to official reports, what could be observed was the entry into the atmosphere of the cargo space capsule Dragon C209 of SpaceX’s CRS-22 mission that had successfully departed from the International Space Station this Thursday, July 8, over the Atlantic. Sur, after a series of meteorological delays, began a journey of more than 36 hours to return to earth with disused scientific material and equipment from the EEL.

The capsule remained docked to the station for more than a month. The landing occurred Friday night off the coast of Tallahasse, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was visible in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, and parts of the peninsula.

Source: Imagen del Golfo

Veracruz Daily Post