Take the “Corn Route” in Huamantla, Tlaxcala


Get to know Huamantla and its surroundings through the “Corn Route”

Fall in love with the state of Tlaxcala and learn about its history, customs, legends and culture.

Learn about the different types of corn that exist in Mexico and, especially in Tlaxcala, how it is grown and what each species is for. They teach you the whole process to make a corn tortilla from its harvest to its cooking.

In addition, you can taste the famous basket tacos, the same ones that appeared in the first season of the Netflix series “La Ruta del Taco”. Or you can try dishes made by Honorina Arroyo, winner of MasterChef Mexico 2017.

One of the best experiences part of the Corn Route is meeting the corn guardians in Huamantla. Their fields are toured there to transmit the ancestral knowledge of these women.

  1. Cathedrals and other temples

This tour is perfect for lovers of art and history. The walk begins at the Basilica of Our Lady of Charity because in the Magic Town of Huamantla, every August 15 a party called “The night that no one sleeps” is celebrated. Gabriela tells us that that day the streets are decorated with giant rugs and carpets made with colored sawdust that form figures. This ephemeral art disappears during the nocturnal procession of the Virgin.

The church tour is led by a certified guide. He talks about architecture, 17th century sacred art inside temples and other topics.

  1. Tour of legends

Listen to the legends of the Magical Town of Huamantla walking through the streets of the historic center. Some make your hair stand on end.

Source: El Universal

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