“Talent Land” Guadalajara the largest technological virtual event in Latin America


Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Talent Land Digital 2021, considered the largest virtual innovation and technology event in Latin America, was held from July 5 to 8 in the city of Guadalajara, capital of the state of Jalisco.

According to the organizers, the event, which gathered more than 2 million digital assistants from more than 10 countries, had as its main characteristic in the ‘networking’.

“This digital version is here to stay, as Jalisco Talent Land Digital has now become the largest virtual event in Latin America, opening up to millions of young people from around the world thanks to technology,” said the international executive director of Talent Network, Raúl Martin Porcel.

In addition, he called on talents to take advantage of all the tools that this digital edition offers them to bond and connect with other people with the same interests, passions, and endeavors.

“It’s simple, you open an account with your photo, your interests, your social networks and you can start to meet other event participants and at this moment start chatting with them, watch videoconferences as if you were at the event, but without geographic barriers. The content will be available until December 31 ”, added Martín Porcel.

During the inauguration of the event, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, highlighted the importance of Talent Land “as it is a unique space for encounters, dialogue, debate, and reflection on the future, between young talents, specialists, companies, and the Government.”

In addition, he considered that it is an opportunity for cooperation, interaction, and connection between young talents, specialists, companies, and the Government, as well as for the development of technology, innovation and entrepreneurial projects.

In turn, the head of the General Strategic Coordination of Growth and Economic Development of the Government of Jalisco, Alejandro Guzmán, highlighted the participation of talents and speakers from more than 10 countries who will connect to the 11 simultaneous transmission channels that are prepared with specialized content in subjects such as creativity, “blockchain” and videogames.

High school and higher education students enrolled in a participating educational institution were able to access the online event, as well as 600 entrepreneurs from the Network of Innovation Centers from the state of Jalisco.

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