Mexican Red Cross delivers 6 ambulances to the state of Sinaloa


These new ambulances are for the municipalities of Culiacán, Elota, Salvador Alvarado, Navolato, and Los Mochis.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Mexican Red Cross Sinaloa Delegation delivered six new ambulances which will be distributed in different municipalities across the state.

The state delegate of the Red Cross Carlos Bloch Artola said that two are for Culiacán, and the others for Navolato, Elota, Salvador Alvarado and Los Mochis.

“The intention is to continue strengthening our work team to continue providing society with the best possible service from our trench.”

He said the curve of reaching total ambulances statewide is somewhat tricky due to resources.

The Red Cross in Sinaloa used to have 112 ambulances, so with these six new ones there will be 118, but they have around 30 more under repair in addition to those that only serve Covid-19 patients.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post