Alleged murder of Yaqui leader Tomás Rojo Valencia arrested in Sonora


The Sonora State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE) detained Francisco Hiram N, alias El Morocho, for the alleged murder of Yaqui leader Tomás Rojo Valencia.

The head of the Prosecutor’s Office, Claudia Indira Contreras, explained that the investigation indicates that it was members of organized crime who participated in his death.

She explained that criminal groups were involved in the blockade that the Yaquis have on the Mexico 15 federal highway, which crosses the lands of the ethnic group.

They allegedly ordered the death of Tomás Rojo, who promoted the installation of a toll booth in the area to allocate the resources obtained to the community.

In the arrest by the local authorities, he was supported by the Yaqui Traditional Guard. The 26-year-old subject was located in the municipalities of San Ignacio Río Muerto and Bácum.

The Prosecutor’s Office hopes that the arrest of this subject will allow the location and arrest of the others responsible for the murder.

In the operation, nine vehicles were insured, six of them with a report of theft, among them the white 2006 Honda Accord car.

The same that was used to kidnap Tomás Rojo and with which they took the body to a place.

He specified that the State Prosecutor’s Office requested an arrest warrant for the crimes of qualified homicide and criminal association against El Morocho.

RIP Tomas Rojo

It should be remembered that the body of Tomás Rojo was located on June 17 in a clandestine grave 12 kilometers from the indigenous community of Vícam.

It was five days later, on June 22, when the forensic laboratory of the FGJE confirmed that the remains found belonged to Tomás Rojo.

In which it was established that the cause of his death was a head injury.

Source: Eje Central

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