500 tourists had to be evacuated from the Grutas de Tolantongo in Hidalgo (VIDEO)


Cardonal, Hidalgo. Around 500 tourists were evacuated from the spa located in the Grutas de Tolantongo after the overflow of a river due to a landslide on Saturday, July 3.

In the vicinity of this tourist destination which lies on the foot of two hills, tourists who visit the caves tend to camp.

According to the first reports, the heavy rain that fell for several hours produced the landslide of one of the hills which caused an avalanche of mud and stones on the river, which caused the water to overflow, and to flood the area where there were tents, some of them were swept away by the current.

There were no reports of people injured or killed, only the loss of some tents. The place was cordoned off by Civil Protection agents.

Source: La Jornada

Hidalgo Daily Post