12 places you should visit in Sinaloa


Now yes, 2021 will be our year. Take the opportunity to take the road and discover new places, stories and flavors. Today we show you 12 places in Sinaloa that you cannot miss this year. 

Mineral waterfall of Nuestra Señora, Cosalá. 

The Ecological Reserve of the mineral of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria is an area of ​​1,256 hectares, where you can camp in nature, meet the species that inhabit the area, go hiking, go up one of the longest zip lines in the country and know the Casca Mineral de Nuestra Señora, also considered one of the largest in the state.

Las Hamocas, Topolobampo. 

Las Hamacas is a beautiful virgin beach with golden sand and crystal-clear water unknown to many, located 20 minutes by boat from Topolobampo, at the foot of the Navachiste mountain range. Here you can appreciate the hills that surround the site, as well as the species that inhabit the area such as the diving duck, the osprey, pelicans and even dolphins. Here you will not find restaurants, palapas or bathrooms, so it is important to go prepared with food, water and umbrellas for the sun.

Mocorito, field of red sunflowers. 

At the entrance to Mocorito you will find El Laberinto Mágico de Girasoles, a site of more than four hectares where you can immerse yourself in a sea of ​​sunflowers that reach up to two meters in height. This year, in order to give it a unique touch, in addition to the characteristic yellow sunflowers, a variety of red sunflowers will be planted, placed in strategic areas of the field, which will be blooming from January.

El Quelite, Mazatlán.

El Quelite is a picturesque town located 30 km from Mazatlán, which will captivate you with its cobbled streets, handicrafts, ancient architecture and regional cuisine. Food is one of its main attractions, here you can taste pumpkin empanadas, fresh cheese, pork rinds, carnitas, capirotas, ham and much more. One of its most famous restaurants is Mesón de Los Laureanos where you can taste all these delicacies.

Imala, Culiacán.

Imala is a stately town 20 minutes from Culiacán, with quiet streets, hot springs and incredible landscapes. It has a thermal water spa with therapeutic properties, this recreational space has cabins, camping area, palapas, grills and pools for family enjoyment. In the surroundings you will find rustic restaurants where country dishes are offered, as well as the sale of women’s bread, ranchero chorizo, cheese and handicrafts.

Altata, Navolato 

At 45 minutes from Culiacán is Altata, one of the favorite destinations in Sinaloa to enjoy the sun, sand and beach. Here you can admire incredible sunsets, walk the boardwalk or taste the delicious cuisine of the Sinaloan sea, an excellent option for the whole family.

Cortés Island, Navolato. 

For adventurers, Isla Cortés, also known as Nuevo Altata, is 19 kilometers of beach facing the Sea of ​​Cortez. Here you can take a dip in its warm waters, go scuba diving, kayaking, sport fishing, explore the sand dunes that surround the beach, take ATV rides or enjoy a bonfire and a night under the stars while camping on the shore of the sea.

Huites Cave, Choix.  

A few minutes from the town of Choix, hidden inside a cave, at the top of the Luis Donaldo Colosio dam, there is a peculiar work of art measuring 5 thousand square meters in size, the impressive cave paintings “The beginning”, work of the painter and sculptor Federico Silva, one of the most representative artists in the country. This site represents the indigenous cultures that once inhabited the area.

The Chepe 

The Chepe is the last passenger train that survives in Mexico, on its journey you will travel 653 km of incredible landscapes, mountains, tunnels, forests and rivers, on a route that goes from Los Mochis, Sinaloa to Creel, Chihuahua, entering the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara. 

Surutato, Badiraguato. 

Surutato is a place surrounded by pine, oak, eucalyptus, peach and apple trees, with a pleasant climate most of the year. Among its attractions is the rental of cabins, the Mirador la Nariz and the Mirador Madroño, where you can appreciate the natural beauty of the site. In addition, here you can practice adventure sports such as camping, rappelling, zip-lining, excursions and rides in ATVs, bikes or horses, ideal to enjoy its incredible landscapes and breathe the fresh air of nature.

Devil’s Canyon, Barobampo.

Located in the heart of the Barobampo mountain range in Ahome, is the so-called Devil’s Canyon. Here you can enjoy the biodiversity and landscapes of the area, while practicing some recreational sports such as hiking and rappelling. This place is private property, but for some years it has been open to the public for the realization of some adventure tours that depart from the city of Los Mochis. 

Grutas México, Cosalá.

One of the little-known places in Cosalá is the Grutas México, a fascinating rock formation hidden in the heart of Cerro Palmar, 17 km from the town of Cosalá. To get to the place it is necessary to cross the dirt road and enter the mountains. When you arrive, the view cannot be more spectacular, with huge rock formations of capricious figures, formed over the centuries by the filtration of water from the springs that run through the cavern up to 250 meters deep. 

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