Mexico falls 2 places in world air markets


This week, Mexico fell to the number nine position of the main air markets in the world, by number of seats offered, according to the consulting firm OAG; A couple of weeks ago, the country was in position number seven, behind the United States, China, Russia, Indonesia, India and Japan.

Mexico is offering 1.60 million seats in both the domestic and international segments, according to the consultancy, ranking 15.3% below what it had available two years ago, prior to the crisis due to the pandemic.

Despite this drop in the list, Mexico remains one of the countries with the best recovery rates. Only China and Russia, both with a growth of 0.3 and 2.9% respectively, are above our country this week

Other countries with good percentage recoveries are the United States, which is 18.8% below what it offered two years ago (and is the main air market worldwide with almost 19 million available seats) and Colombia, which is 22.4% under.

For their part, both Spain and Turkey had a significant recovery of their capacity. In the Spanish case, this was due to the opening of borders and the entry of vaccinated travelers is now allowed. Both countries offer 1.80 and 1.73 million seats, respectively. Both countries remain 50.1 and 34.1%, respectively, below their pre-pandemic levels.


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