Discover the peacefulness of the beautiful magic town of Malinalco (VIDEO)


Surrounded by an incomparable beauty is the magical town of #Malinalco.

To translate video from a foreign language:

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You’ll see that the subtitles have automatically been translated into English. While everything won’t be translated with 100 percent accuracy, the whole idea is that you can at least get a rough translation so you can easily follow along.

How to get there:

From Toluca: Take federal highway 55 to Tenango del Valle; from there, turn left and, in Santa María Jajalpa, follow the deviation to the right until Malinalco. Distance from Toluca to Malinalco 62 Km.

From Mexico City: take highway 15 to La Marquesa, go through Lerma, reach the deviation to Tenango del Valle and continue on the road to Santa María Jajalpa. From the D.F. to Malinalco the approximate distance is 126 km.

From Cuernavaca: take highway 95, after passing the ixtla bridge; continue on highway 55 until you reach Tenancingo; deviate to the right and soon you will be in Malinalco. The distance from Cuernavaca to Malinalco is only 53 km


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