Baja Sur: Birds of Loreto Bay National Park are now protected


Loreto, Baja California Sur (June 19, 2021).- “The islands and islets found within the Bahía de Loreto National Park have been adopted as a home, as well as a nesting area by thousands of endemic and migratory birds, hence the importance of its care, conservation, and preservation”, pointed out civil society groups and tourism service providers, who work in conjunction with local authorities.

With the support of the scientific community and the monitoring staff of this protected natural area, the tourism service providers in the area have received training on the most appropriate methods for observing them, causing the least possible disturbance, especially during the nesting seasons.

Loreto, Baja California Sur

Those who provide tour services and especially the observation of the fauna that inhabits this protected natural area, point out that thanks to the knowledge they have acquired, this type of non-extractive activity in recent years has been increasing, generating an alternative more within their services.

Through joint work with the management staff of the Loreto Bay National Park, the scientific community, civil society groups, and the tourism service providers themselves, the necessary mechanisms have been established to care for the habitat of these species, as well as that they have worked in the best way to observe the species of both flora and fauna that they have.

For this, restrictions have been established on the distance that you must observe the species, the landing on the islands, among others that help the Bay of Loreto National Park area to enjoy good health today.

Source: Sudcaliforniano

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