The conference “Hernán Cortés, the homosexual soldier who came from Spain” to be held in Tlaxcala


In Tlaxcala, the talk “Hernán Cortés, the homosexual soldier who came from Spain” will be held.

The speaker will be the chronicler and researcher from Tlaxcala Willebaldo Herrera Téllez.

To debate the hypothesis that the researcher, writer, and specialist in history, José Luis Basulto Ortega, raised about the possible bisexuality of the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés, next Saturday, June 19, the conference “Hernán Cortés, the homosexual soldier that came from Spain ”.

The speaker will be the Tlaxcala reporter and researcher Willebaldo Herrera Téllez, who reported that the appointment is at the “Sweet Moments” cafeteria in San Juan Totolac, Tlaxcala, at 1 pm with free admission.

"My fraternal colleague and friend, the poet José Pérez Márquez, will join me at the table to start the controversial talk."

He indicated that in addition to addressing the approaches of the historian Basulto Ortega, he will make some notes and comments that La Malinche and Jerónimo de Aguilar made about the navigator from Medellín, Spain, both translators of the Iberian.

José Luis Basulto carried out a study “very well-founded on this secret of the Spanish conqueror, businessman and military man.”

He added that he even wrote a novel “very entertaining and full of plausible humor, entitled ‘Cuiloni’, which in Nahuatl means ‘fucking’, and which reveals many things through an imaginary dialogue between La Malinche and Jerónimo de Aguilar, the two translators. of Cortés, both witnesses of his lowest erotic passions since his arrival on the shores of America ”.

He said that in the novel it is stated that Cortés “was accompanied by a gay friend, a cunning and dangerous Jewish convert, who came to write a diary about those intense and secret relationships held with other Spanish men, young cabin boys, and well-known indigenous people. physically similar, always well-selected by Cortés and those who accompanied him until the fall of Tenochtitlan”.

He abounded that in the text it is stated that the conqueror was attracted to warriors “well built and attractive. In addition to constantly and freely raping thousands of indigenous women”.

He expressed that this is Basulto Ortega’s thesis, which he takes up to address “the perverse and genocidal personality of Cortés.”

He clarified that in his case he takes it up as a strictly historical and literary study. “Very different, and I want to believe, suppose, complementary to each other.”

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