Oaxaca airport traffic increases over 85%


At the end of the month of May, it presented a recovery of 85.51%, compared to the same month in 2019.

Oaxaca.- In the Oaxacan state, the mobility of air passengers grew in the last economic report of May, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Airports and Auxiliary Services of the SOUTH Zone (ASUR) reported.

According to the General Administrator of the Oaxaca International Airport, Juan Pablo García-Luna Gutiérrez, at the end of May a recovery of 85.51% was reported, but not compared to 2020, but compared to the same month of 2019. And it is that 2019.

He said that so far it has been the year in which invariably, month after month, the highest air traffic figures were reached at the airport in the state capital.

Juan Pablo García-Luna Gutiérrez mentioned that since the great impact of the pandemic more than a year ago, where traffic fell by up to 93%, the airport has been in progressive recovery.

The month of May of this year is the month that has closed the best since then, reaching the figure of 79 thousand 733 total passengers, placing only 15% below its historical maximum.

And compared to the month of May of this year, with the previous month of April, García-Luna commented:

“In the month of May, the arrival of domestic passengers reflected an increase of 29.93%, going from 53,269 to 69,216 that we had in April of this year and in international passengers we had an increase of 55.25%, going from 6,774 passengers to 10,517; so in short, this month of May has been the best since the beginning of the pandemic and it reflects a tourist and economic recovery, “he said.

Source: diariomarca.com.mx

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