How to join Ajijic Pueblo Magico Committee



Would you like to be a member of the Ajijic Magical Towns Committee? Here we explain everything about the subject. 

To begin, you have until June 23 to send the requirements, since the call indicates that they must be sent within 30 calendar days, after the publication of the same – that is, between May 25 to June 23 -, and the documents will have to be sent to the email:  

Conoce Ajijic, el bohemio nuevo Pueblo Mágico - México Ruta Mágica - México  Ruta Mágica

The selection will be made by executives of the State Secretariat of Tourism and those chosen to integrate the Committee will be published on the website of the Secretariat, a few days after the closing of the same. 

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These are the five points that must be sent to the email indicated above: 

1.- Document that supports living in the town, at least the last three years. A photo of the front of the voter’s credential or proof of address, electricity, water, or property bill can be attached to the mail. 

2.- Make a letter addressed to the Secretary of Tourism, where you state why you are interested in belonging to the committee. 

3.- Evidence of the work that has been done for the town. Photographs and a description of the event carried out -such as festivals, garbage collection, among others-; Do not forget to enter the year in which these activities were carried out. 

4.-  Have outstanding abilities that can contribute to the development of Pueblo Mágico. At this point, you do not need to send any documents. 

 5.- Not hold any type of political office in the federal, state, or municipal government; that is, you cannot be a member of the Committee if you are a public servant. Just stating in the mail that you don’t work at any level of government is enough to meet the requirement. 

To consult the complete call, enter the page of the Ministry of Tourism (turismo.jalisco.gob) or at the following link


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