Protelife Armor, the first boutique armoring company in Mexico


Positioned within the top 5 in the country, Protelife becomes, together with ETB, a certified Land Rover armoring company in Mexico and inaugurates the first Boutique armoring plant in the market.

Shielding has become one of the most common solutions to provide protection and personal integrity in situations of insecurity such as those experienced in Mexico. It has even taken off in people who were not natural customers of this type of product before.

When a car is armored, it is completely disassembled to be rebuilt. Shielding Protelife Armor Boutique is guaranteed by its high quality of materials, the quantity of processes, details in the finishes, and maximum protection.

Now, Protelife Armor Boutique has been designated as a certified Land Rover Mexico armored vehicle for the manufacture of its armored vehicles, maintaining the original warranty of this prestigious English brand.

As part of this ambitious project and with the clear objective of providing this type of OEM service to the main vehicle manufacturing companies, Protelife has inaugurated the first Boutique armored plant on the market, with more than 5,000 square meters for both vehicle manufacturing armored vehicles and research and development of new technologies applied to vehicle safety.

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Under the Armor Boutique scheme, the company takes care of all the details in the construction of the vehicles, in order to minimize the risks of ballistic penetration in the event of a firearm attack, while maintaining the original appearance and operation.

In addition to CEN BR6 and CEN BR7 level armor, Protelife Armor Boutique offers the most innovative and effective armor in the industry: Protelife Level 3 Plus Multihit®. It is a proprietary development that also has the participation of Vidrios AGP (Colombia), Isoclima (Italy), Aceros Swebor and SSAB de (Sweden), Fibras Twaron (Holland), and Dupont Kevlar (USA).

Protelife Level 3 Plus Multihit® is capable of withstanding more rounds per square meter than .44 Magnum, .357 Mag, 9mm, 380 .22, 9mm sub-machine guns, and .22 cal shotguns, well above what They establish the European standards CEN BR4 / FB4 and the American NIJ IIIA.

“This allows us to continue setting the guidelines in terms of research and development of increasingly effective techniques, with latest generation materials, greater resistance, and better performance. We are always one step ahead of crime by providing maximum protection with armor that widely exceeds the requirements of international ballistic standards, ”the company explains.  

The vehicles produced at Protelife Armor Boutique have 100% traceability of all ballistic materials used, from their manufacture in different parts of the world, under their own specifications, to their careful placement in each part of the vehicle by highly qualified plant personnel.

The resistance of these is certified by the most recognized international laboratories, such as ICS Laboratories, HP White, UDRI, Cestek Chesapek from the USA, and Beschussant Mellrichstadt from Germany.

Thanks to the quality control systems and the qualified engineering department, it is guaranteed that all the mechanical and shielding systems work correctly. At the end of the shielding process and before placing the car upholstery and upholstery, Protelife invites each customer to personally verify the quality of their vehicle.

Superior technology

The advanced Boutique Armor System, the modern ballistic materials developed jointly with strategic partners, the total protection of the cabin, the strict quality controls, and the high level of detail applied at every stage of the manufacturing processes, together with the best Weight/protection ratio, original OEM finishes and high-performance features make Protelife Armor Boutique a superior binder.

“Under our Armor Boutique scheme we take care of even the smallest detail in the elaboration of our armor, minimizing the risks of ballistic penetration in the event of a firearm attack and we integrate the after-sales service, the suspension workshop, and general mechanics specialized in vehicles shielded, managing to keep your unit always in optimal operating and safety conditions ”, adds the company.

Photo: Protelife Armor. Courtesy.

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