Molotov will sue Morena for plagiarism


The Mexican musical band Molotov accused Morena’s municipal presidency candidate of Aguascalientes, Arturo Ávila, of plagiarism for using one of his songs to call the population to vote for him on June 6.

Molotov disapproved that Morena’s candidate for the municipal presidency of Aguascalientes, Arturo Ávila Anaya, used one of his songs to call for a vote in his favor on June 6.

Made up of Micky Huidobro, Tito Fuentes, Randy Ebright and Paco Ayala, the group recalled that they have criticized governments, candidates and political parties on many occasions.

Molotov accused Morena’s candidate, Arturo Ávila, of plagiarism. The politician published a video on social networks using their song “Voto Latino”, with different lyrics, inviting citizens to make a “massive vote” in favor of Morena.

In a video of the candidate you can hear choruses of “Massive vote, Morena sweeps! Massive vote and no excuses! ”, From the cover where the candidate, accompanied by several young people, sings and points out that he is the only one who can bring a change to Aguascalientes.

“To our friends at @MolotovBanda: Thank you for being the inspiration for the project. The artistic talent is local, thanks for your support. The scores and lyrics were clearly changed. I am not a politician, I am a citizen who wants to transform the city, “he posted on social networks.

Molotov replied to this message against Arturo Ávila.

“Watch out Aguascalientes with this citizen who wants to become a politician to transform the meaning of theft and plagiarism into inspiration! So you want a leader who steals? And Avila, we are not friends, our balls are twins and they don’t talk to each other! (cuates los huevos y no se hablan)”, posted Molotov on their official social networks.

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