Dos Equis renews its image to head towards a new era


The art of reinventing yourself to face the future

Well, with the news that the well-known Dos Equis beer once again changed the image of its packaging, adapting them to the “tastes” of these strange times that we are living through. And it is that although the brand is well established in the taste of the consumer of attached lager beers in Mexico, its managers ordered to renew the image that they had already renewed in 2015; well, although it seems like a tongue twister.

Here we leave you a couple of official images of Dos Equis and its new visual identity, which by the way, we liked it a lot here, which we cannot say about its sister beer INDIO, which with its latest redesign, you can see a product of inferior quality to the previous image. Anyway, as someone out there said, “in the end, what they sell is just a simple beer”

And what did you think of this makeover?

Mexico Daily Post