You’ve been given BAD ADVICE about MEXICO


By Tangerine Travels

Researching Mexico? Chances are you’ve been given some bad advice! Today we’re sharing the most common Mexico advice that’s actually wrong.

In today’s video, we’re breaking down some of the most frequent advice given about Mexico that’s actually untrue or seriously misleading.

Some of the topics include:

– Federales in Mexico (bribes)

– The best places to visit in Mexico

– Getting residency in Mexico vs. constantly renewing a tourist visa (FMM)

– Don’t eat street food in Mexico (or raw food, fresh food, etc.)

– Learning and speaking Spanish in Mexico

– Paying for things upfront

– Negotiating/bartering in Mexico

– Paying with credit cards vs. cash vs. USD

– The best car to drive in Mexico (and vanity plates)

– Washing produce, using ice cubes, and drinking the water in Mexico

– Bringing a gun to Mexico for protection

– Safety of Mexico – should you even go? – and more!


We are Jordan, Maddie, & Laska the husky. In January of 2018, we packed up our tangerine-colored car and left the US to start traveling Mexico. Since then, we’ve been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. Become one of the “Tangerine Elite” by binge-watching our videos from the beginning:

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