Visit the magical and stately towns that surround Mazatlán


Mazatlán is world-renowned for the beauty of its paradisiacal beaches, but here not everything is sun and sand, it is also a place that offers destinations full of history, culture, and tradition. If you visit the pearl of the Pacific, something you cannot miss is visiting the picturesque towns that are located in its surroundings, where you will find beautiful landscapes and rich gastronomy that will captivate you.


Just an hour from Mazatlán is Copala, an old mining town that seems lost in time. Founded in 1565, this town is famous for the great gold deposits that were formerly found in its surroundings.

Main square

Today one of the site’s greatest attractions is its architecture, which preserves buildings up to 400 years old such as the Church of San Jóse, with a baroque style and a gold-plated altar that recalls the times when this metal was extracted from the mines.


Concordia is one of the oldest colonial cities in southern Sinaloa and is located just 45 minutes from Mazatlán. This site is ideal for those who appreciate the architecture, culture, and history that are reflected in each of its streets.

Church of san sebastian

The tranquility and calm can be breathed in this place, among its most important tourist attractions is the church of San Sebastián that dates back to the 16th century and is the main center of the city, in its surroundings visitors can enjoy the famous scraps of concord and the Malpica bread, something that every visitor should taste.

El Rosario

El Rosario is one of the most important magical towns in Sinaloa, in its streets and buildings, it keeps the history of more than 500 years and is located two hours from Mazatlán.

The Iguanero lagoon

Among its main attractions is the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, which stands out for its impressive atrium that arises from the combination of Greco-Roman and Baroque art, completely covered by gold. The House of Lola Beltrán, the Museum of Totorame Culture, and the Laguna del Iguanero, located in the center of the city are unmissable places.

La Noria

La Noria is a small town very close to Mazatlán, just 31 kilometers from the port to the north. Upon reaching this place, in the main square, visitors are greeted with a great party, which begins at ten in the morning and ends after four in the afternoon.

Main square

The so-called tourist tianguis brings together numerous families, who with the warm hospitality that distinguishes the community offer everything from empanadas, regional sweets, burritos and tamales, as well as handicrafts such as pottery and saddlery, trades that for years have been the mainstay of the town’s economy. . The party is lively with traditional band music, which adds a very special atmosphere to the place.

El Quelite

Like La Noria, El Quelite is located 30 kilometers from Mazatlán, it is a small town that keeps a lot of stories. Every Sunday, this place comes alive as it receives a large number of tourists attracted by the tranquility that is lived in its streets.

Viewpoint of the Chapel of San Judas Tadeo

The gastronomy is typical and varied, what you cannot miss is the sweet rice pudding, milk with chickpea, burnt milk, brown sugar, and capirotada. For those who enjoy the salty, the chicharrones, carnitas, and chorizo, are another specialty of the place


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