“Sardine motorcycle” you have to see it to believe it (VIDEO)


A motorcyclist caught on video what is now known as a “sardine motorcycle” that was carrying five people on a high-speed avenue in Texcoco, State of Mexico (Edomex).

In a video shared on Twitter, it is appreciated how the motorcyclist, who was recording and driving at the same time, captured the moment in which five people were on board a scooter, a situation that is now commonly known as “sardine motorcycle” (Moto-Sardina).

After realizing that the motorcyclist was recording the situation, the kids onboard the “sardine motorcycle” turned their faces to the other side to avoid being identified.

This is a clear violation of the traffic regulations of the State of Mexico, and therefore, constitutes a crime.

However, as is often the case in Mexico, no one was sanctioned, punished or arrested for endangering the lives of 5 people.

Source: SDP

Mexico Daily Post