89-year-old woman rescued from the bottom of a ravine in Colima


Agents from the Colima Attorney General’s Office located an 89-year-old woman alive, at the bottom of a ravine, who had been reported missing.

With the help of the Comala Civil Protection search and rescue team, Agustina García was rescued.

Agustina lives with her son, in the indigenous community of Suchitlán, municipality of Comala, in a small house adapted with wooden logs, bamboo reeds, and other light materials; the floor is dirt and they don’t have electricity.

Her relatives and her acquaintances still do not know how she got to the ravine, because she does not hear, and she can hardly see.

Her son reported her as missing since when he arrived at her house he did not find her.

The woman was located thanks to the noises that she herself caused by moving the dry leaves with her hands.

After the rescue, Agustina was transferred to the Regional University Hospital in Colima, and despite the fall, she did not suffer serious injuries; the woman only complains of pain in her leg, although the most visible thing is a strong blow to her face.

“Well, the doctors told us that she is fine, they did many X-rays on her entire body and said that she is fine,” said Agustina’s niece, María Silvestre.

Agustina is back in her house with her family.

Source: Noticieros Televisa

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