The US prepares to downgrade Mexico’s aviation safety rating

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The US prepares to downgrade Mexico’s aviation safety rating, according to Reuters

This measure would prevent Mexican airlines from adding flights to the US and would limit them to make marketing deals.

The United States is preparing to downgrade Mexico’s air safety rating, which would prevent Mexican airlines from adding flights to that country and limit them from making marketing deals.

According to Reuters, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expected to announce the measure in the coming days, following an extensive review of the agency’s oversight of Mexican aviation.

Sources consulted by the Reuters news agency indicated that the FAA has held talks with Mexico’s aviation regulators about their concerns.

They added that Mexican officials have already been informed about this announcement and that they have expressed concern about it.

Another of the sources consulted by the agency indicates that the FAA signals do not imply flight safety problems, but rather Mexico’s supervision of the airlines.

What does this measure imply?

A reduction of the air safety rating, that is, downgrading from category 1 to category 2, does not affect the current service of the airlines.

However, with this downgrading, new flights could not be launched and cross-airline marketing practices such as the sale of seats on codeshare flights are restricted.

According to the specialized aviation portal A21, this measure means that the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) of Mexico is deficient in areas such as technical experience, trained personnel, inspection procedures, among others, so it cannot guarantee compliance with the standards required of airlines supervised by the FAA.

So far there are no official comments from the FAA or the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

It’s not the first time this happens

Both Reuters and the A21 portal point out that it is not the first time that Mexico’s rating has been lowered.

In 2010, the FAA downgraded Mexico to category 2 for alleged deficiencies within the civil aviation authority.

That time, it took the country more than five months to resolve these complaints and regain category 1.

During the pandemic, Mexico has been one of the top destinations for American tourists due to restrictions on travel to Europe.

This means that there were almost 2.3 million air passengers between the United States and Mexico, according to Reuters.


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