“Two worlds” united in gastronomy Sinaloan and Asian


In addition to their peculiar flavor, the dishes of the Mazatlan chef Andrea Lizárraga become an interesting cultural exchange that shows the best of Sinaloa and Japan

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán’s gastronomy is considered one of the best in the world when referring to it as a feast of marine flavors that makes the most demanding diner enjoy its delicacies.

In recent years, the port has a very varied gastronomy, there has been an increase in restaurants ranging from traditional seafood, Mexican and international food, and signature cuisine.

Chef Andrea Lizárraga shows the best of Asian and Mexican gastronomy.

Such is the case of the 28-year-old chef Andrea Lizárraga, who two years ago started her Asian food restaurant in the Historic Center.

Since she was a child, she decided that she would be a chef since her taste for cooking had always been there, since she was two years old she prepared sandwiches with butter on the floor that nobody would eat and she helped her grandmother prepare gorditas de nata.

Being the daughter of a hotelier, she has always worked in the tourism and services industry and although her father tried to discourage her by doing social service in high school, it only served to reaffirm that she wanted to be a chef.

“I always liked it a lot, since I was little I already knew that I was going to dedicate myself to this, having direct contact with the chefs raised my interest more, my father tried to scare me and told me that you are going to work and do internships when I was in high school But he did the opposite to make me give up, but I just confirmed what I wanted to do and here I am ”.

It was in high school when she took her first cooking courses, at the age of 16, the young woman from Mazatlan went to Japan in the exchange program of the Rotary Club, where she began to like culture and its food, later she studied Gastronomy in Monterrey and at Finishing her degree, she had the opportunity to work in a restaurant in New York where she had a lot of influence working with Koreans and Filipinos.

“I have been a chef for about eight years, I work in well-known restaurants in New York and France, but she loves Asian food and she wanted to share a bit of Korean, Japanese and Chinese food here in Mazatlán.”

The chef, with eight years of experience, says that Sinaloa seafood is highly recognized outside the country, aguachile and ceviches are very famous in the world.

Share that it has been very interesting to offer an international cuisine taking advantage of such privileged raw materials as Mazatlan fish and seafood, but with an Asian flavor.

She relates that the name of her restaurants is precisely because the trips of the Chinese ship, a cultural, commercial, and gastronomic exchange of Asia and Mexico was created, bringing spices and products and customs that marched us to both cultures forever and without a doubt left a stamp in our kitchen.

In the Nao kitchen Bar that is located on Belisario Domínguez street between Marina Escobedo and Constitución streets in the Historic Center of Mazatlán, you can find a great variety of raw fish dishes, especially from the catch of the day is the favorite.

“We have tiraditos, a toast that instead of traditional toast is a crunchy seaweed, but we always like to take advantage of the local product, whether it be fish or other types of seafood, we have a varied menu, we take out specials with what is in season, but always focused on the Asian, and a mix of the Mazatlan gastronomic ”.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant has been affected and even closed in March due to the confinement and it will be reopened on October 23, while they are taking advantage to remodel and expand the premises.

“The people of Mazatlán have responded very well, so we decided to expand the premises because it is very small and is always full of local clients, but also from different states of the republic, Americans and Canadians because when it comes to the destination, it is the beach and the food. ”.

During her career she has had the opportunity to participate in several gastronomic events held in the city, last year he had the opportunity to attend a festival in Shanghai, China, where he had the opportunity together with another Mazatlan chef to prepare the traditional Mexican and Sinaloa food.

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Corn and shrimp, dried shrimp aioli on toast made with shrimp

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