Puerto Escondido has a hotel where you’ll want to live a bohemian summer


In Oaxaca, Casona Sforza has opened, a boutique hotel that has everything to make you happy

Located in Mexico, on the coast of Oaxaca. Here in the municipality of Puerto Escondido, they await you to spend a dream vacation. Casona Sforza by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach has opened its doors to anyone looking for a summer in the purest bohemian style. Located where the delta of the Colotepec River meets the sea, in an environment of junipers and mangroves, this exuberant refuge is a privileged place that coexists with Oaxacan nature.

Perhaps the first thing that strikes us is the building made up of three volumes, connected by a corridor, arches, and 10 vaults that end in an outdoor pool with turquoise waters overlooking the Pacific. With an average of 20º, life in Puerto Escondido is done outdoors so it is not surprising that the architecture is completely open to the outside, to enjoy views and a privileged tropical climate.

The vaults recall the architecture of the Oaxacan towns.

The vaults recall the architecture of the Oaxacan towns.© Alex Krotkov for Casona Sforza

Both the interior and exterior spaces are designed in earth tones as if they had been made with the same sand from the beach. While the different heights and volumes allow a play of light to be generated (thanks to the sun) and a different acoustic experience, similar to that of waves.

To sleep you will have to choose between 11 suites that are distinguished by their bohemian aesthetics, made up of neutral colors, tropical woods, and natural textures. The architect’s idea is that the construction should not clash with the landscape and be done in the most sustainable way possible, that is, under a vernacular-inspired architecture.

“The interior environments are made up of pieces from regions recognized for their artisan crafts, such as carpets from Teotitlá del Valle, textiles from the Valley of Oaxaca, hammocks, chairs, and curtains from Yucatán and palm lamps from Veracruz, which are combined with decorative elements and amenities of the Oaxacan mountains, where they are made by potters, cabinetmakers, farmers and beekeepers in the Pueblo del Sol workshops, a sustainable production project, where continuity is possible thanks to the contributions and support of Casona Sforza “ , says in a statement the architect Alberto Kalach.

The experience is completed with a local, ecological and social gastronomy. The culinary proposal will be based on the farm-to-table principle, “guaranteeing the freshness of the ingredients of each dish, which come from the orchards of local producers that respect the seasonal and non-intensive harvest cycles”, they add.

Added to this are private yoga sessions, holistic massages and private surf lessons. “In addition, visitors can establish a link with the destination and its nature through different activities, among which stand out the sighting of dolphins and whales, the release of sea turtles and different walks and expeditions.”

Source: traveler.es

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