Lola, Madonna’s daughter poses with a Mexican design


The shooting is part of the new edition of a New York magazine

Lourdes León, the first-born of the singer Madonna, is a woman who has raised her voice in favor of #BodyPositive and is not afraid to challenge beauty standards. Thanks to her confidence and feminine impetus, she has managed to conquer large international fashion firms for whom she has modeled.

Proof of this is her recent appearance on social networks with a daring photograph that reveals her back with a purple strappy dress and a wide opening in the derriere, designed by Mexican Victor Barragán. He also sports a huge blue tattoo that has stairs that go up to the sky and are surrounded by white clouds.

In the image that was published on Lola’s official Instagram account, as the model is better known, she has already reached more than 16 thousand likes and it was highlighted that said photograph is part of the next edition of Office Magazine, a magazine of New York.

The also daughter of Cuban dancer Carlos León, posed in another photograph in which she can be seen lying on a bed with pink sheets, with the same outfit and in which she wears shiny black hair.

The designer originally from Mexico City currently resides in the city of skyscrapers where he has achieved significant growth for the eponymous brand.

The DNA of the fashion house is based on portraying all Mexican tribes through a unique fashion proposal, in which it challenges gender stereotypes and promotes new consumer proposals.

Who is Víctor Barragán?

Víctor Barragán is a fashion designer born in Mexico City who currently resides in New York City.

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The Mexican designer, Víctor Barragán.

How did Víctor Barragán start his career as a fashion designer?

After studying Industrial Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in Mexico City, Víctor Barragán decided to undertake and that is how in 2010 he founded the fashion brand Ytinifnin nitY.

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Images from Barragán’s Spring Summer 2020 collection.

This brand began as a constant exploration of internet culture and gradually gained more audience and community strength.

Ytinifnin nitY debuted mainly creating graphic t-shirts and in order to extend its offering, Víctor founded the Barragán firm in 2014.

What is Barragán inspired by?

Barragán takes inspiration from various universes, all of these stem from Mexican culture.

Portraying Mexican culture in all its facets has been one of Víctor Barragán’s goals.

A good part of Mexicans who constitute the strongest urban tribes in our country have gathered for more than three decades at the Tianguis Cultural del Chopo.

This meeting point has served as a transport of identity for many people who have expressed themselves through punk, metal, dark aesthetics and many others.

Barragán has undoubtedly concentrated all these expressions of identity and many more in its fashion proposal, which have been characterized by leather jackets with studs, bracelets and spiked necklaces, rudimentary aesthetics of hairstyles and makeup that evoked some sect satanic.

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Set from the Autumn Winter 2019 collection, by Barragán.

The expression of the Mexican urban stain when dressed has been captured in the narratives of designers, among which the one of Barragán stands out, in which a satire on the Mexican male is present .

We will find in his proposal denim pants with rivets, torn and cropped shirts, chains, new fashion silhouettes, transparencies, oversize cuts , an innovative and original way of perceiving beauty and, of course, an important task of inclusion in which we will witness various races, ages, genders and sizes.

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Mexican culture present in Barragán’s fashion proposals.

What is the person who wears the Barragán pieces like?

The person who wears Barragán’s pieces seeks to express himself through his clothing, defying any established limit, questioning all social discourses and exploring new concepts of aesthetics and fashion.

Where can you buy Barragán’s designs?

An inclusive, different, original, interesting, and disruptive proposal surrounds Barragán’s pieces, which include everything from tops, jackets, pants, accessories and even face masks that can be purchased directly on its website.

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