AMLO government leaves foreign students in Mexico without a scholarship


The closure of the trusts caused many students to drop out because they could not afford their stay in the country.

With enthusiasm, excitement, and desire to continue learning, excellent students from Central and South America came to the Country with scholarships from the Government of Mexico to do a master’s degree, however, the closing of trusts could prevent them from graduating practically two months after completing their postgraduate.

Since last December, students have suffered delays in the payment of their scholarship, which is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), and they are currently owed payments for March, April and so far in May.

One of the conditions of the scholarship is that the students cannot work in Mexico, so the delay in their pay has complicated their stay in Mexico to the extent that some have already dropped out, according to some of the scholarship recipients.

They arrived in Mexico in August 2019, with the scholarship for excellence from the Mexican Government convened by the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID).

Since then, they have received their monthly payments of just over 10,000 pesos, with which they must pay rent, food and transportation.

However, in December 2020 the delays in the deposit of their scholarship began, which they paid in February.

Ten of the scholarship recipients in 2019 by the Government of Mexico study at the Universidad Iberoamérica, and a group of them told what they have suffered in 2021.

Alejandro, who comes from Central America, said that he only pays 4 thousand pesos for rent.

“We have to stretch the money, some of us have the support of our parents, but there are others who with the scholarship money have to support their families.

 Our scholarship ends in July, and we have to pay for qualification processes, which are more than 10,000 pesos, and pay our ticket back to the country. “

In addition, to solve the delay in the payment of their scholarship, the Ibero-American University extended them a loan, which now they must also repay.

Questioned in this regard, the Foreign Ministry acknowledged the delay.

“Derived from the administrative changes that have occurred this year, it has had to modify the way in which the aforementioned scholarships are provided, this has caused some administrative difficulties that have encouraged the times provided for in the procedures.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, work is being done to regularize this situation as soon as possible. As of today, 70 percent of the maintenance payments have been covered and Amexcid continues to carry out the necessary steps to comply with the remainder. “

Officials of the agency explained that these delays are due to the elimination of the trust called the National Fund for International Development Cooperation.

“We demand that the Foreign Ministry have a contingency plan for these things, that the rules be more humane, put the human at the center, that suddenly they let us work, because we are professionals, we can contribute to the country, we are also researchers” ,


Mexico Daily Post