Airbnb survey says 57% of Mexicans plan to travel in 2021


Airbnb, the online vacation rental platform, reported that 57% of Mexicans plan to travel in 2021, compared to the remaining 43% who are not sure if they will.

In a report, the platform detailed that the first post-pandemic trip that people will make will be to reconnect with the immediate and extended family, with 88% saying that is their plans, while the next priority is visiting friends, with 36%.

“Thus, 2021 will see a shift towards more significant travel as the pandemic continues to limit mass tourism and affect the industry in general. When the trips return, they will be to connect with loved ones through more personal trips,” said Ángel Terral, Airbnb’s general director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

He said that of the people who will travel domestically, 7% have already made a reservation, 21% are planning, and 29% hope to do it this year, but have not started planning.

“Mexicans seek to travel safely and responsibly. Because of this, the most important thing to 62% of users surveyed is the health and safety protocols being followed at their accommodations,” said Airbnb.

As for the destinations they will visit, 34% plan to go to popular beaches such as Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, 18% seek to go to remote areas not so popular or touristy and 11% to any place within nature.

When selecting the type of accommodations travelers will use, rented apartments or complete houses are attractive to 43% of the Mexicans surveyed, and 57% will do so in cabins or similar places.