Micos Waterfalls are the perfect landscape for biking 80 meters high in San Luis Potosí


And if already seeing the Micos Waterfalls in the state of San Luis Potosí is a spectacle framed by green foliage and turquoise waters, riding a bicycle on a cable over these natural wonders makes your hair stand on end. any.

The 165 meters of extension of the cables that pass over the Micos Waterfalls with an approximate height of 80 meters make this place unique in the world. The routes on these cables in mountain bikes can be done on the waterfalls, the jungle and caves of the Micos River.

How do you ride a bike over the Cascadas de Micos?
Through the cables laid over the waterfalls, a mountain bike moves forward while a young woman wearing a helmet is held by safety ropes around her waist along with the bike that also carries one, while, below her, they can be seen at 80 meters high, the Cascadas de Micos framed by green foliage.

The Micos River is one of the obligatory stops in the Huasteca Potosina and has seven impressive waterfalls whose falls range from two to 20 meters high.

In its natural formations various extreme sports and ecotourism are practiced. In addition to riding a bike 80 meters above them, you can also jump on the edge of the waterfalls, which is something very common and, although you can no longer jump from the “El Toro” waterfall with more than 20 meters high, just appreciating it will take your viewers breathless.

The Micos River that feeds these waterfalls is surrounded by green landscapes full of vegetation, where you can also take tours to admire its local fauna such as spider monkeys, it is also the center of sanctuaries for big cats such as jaguars, pumas and wild cats. In addition, the place has pools of very calm and crystalline waters where you can cool off from the heat.

Source: La Hora Nacional

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