Ghost towns! Vestiges of the nameless deceased emerging in Bacurato Sinaloa (video)


Remains of a hundred years buried in the water that left, the ruins of classes taught in an old septuagenarian school and an old parish that refuses to die: the lost treasure of Bacurato

Bacurato, Sinaloa.- They emerged when they seemed already dead, they have no name or surname but there they are, many were carried away by the current but more than 50 tombs in the cemetery of Terahuito, Sinaloa, lie “standing” waiting for the relatives to be They had gone but today they return to pay tribute to them.

More than 100 years accumulated between bricks and lime, it was already a pantheon when their relatives were displaced by the construction of the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz dam, they settled very close to Palos Blancos, in the neighboring municipality of Guasave, as if they wanted to be close by themselves. sometimes nature gave them a truce. The worst drought in the last 40 years has been for them the opportunity to meet again.

Pedro Campos, trustee of Bacubirito, a fisherman from the Bacurato area, assures that foreigners have arrived at the place attracted by the news that their dead have not left, that they are still there stoic as if time had stopped.

“This pantheon must be about 100 years old, there are graves that are completely whole and others that are demolished, there are the graves with the crosses and everything, but the name or data is not appreciated, even families have come to put their flowers and everything to visit their people. Older people know well where to look for their relatives and this is where so-and-so is buried, “he said.

Just on Thursday of last week, he was there touring the area, appreciating the scene of those towns that no longer existed but that refuses to die. TerahuitoChicoratoRancho del Padre and Temuchina, have beaten time and remain firm.

Ghost towns!  Vestiges of the nameless deceased emerging in Bacurato

“On the other side of where the pantheon is, there are the ruins of the school and two houses that are standing still because the others, as they were on the roof, surely the water carried them away, the construction of the school dates from a few years ago. 60 or 70 years old, the Chicorato church over there in December or January was when I started going out, “he recalled.

The drought has hit them hard, tourism only began to arrive a little over a week ago, when the spectacle that was uncovered spread like wildfire, a buried culture, ghost towns that are real and that have refused to die despite the passage weather.

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