Encounters with Mexico: stories that remind us that everything well done takes time


This phrase that has lived on for generations now comes to life through a unique alliance between a proudly Mexican tequila and a hat lover.

We listen to it, we write it down and we repeat it: what is well done takes time. This seems somewhat contrasting in a world in which the immediate connection means that we have everything at an almost insurmountable speed, making us sometimes forget that there are things that in order to do them and enjoy them better, they must be built at their own pace.

This is the case with tequila, a spirit drink that to reach a certain level of perfection requires a certain time and processes to reach its peak. This is well known by Tequila Patrón, a proudly Mexican brand that although it knows that it did not invent it, it perfected it with great audacity. This is a brand that, to show its love for the land that it considers home, created the Encuentros con México campaign Rediscover the best that Mexico has to offer

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Meetings with Mexico

The affection for our traditions, customs, and everything that identifies us is what connects us, that is why Tequila Patron has sought ambassadors who take Mexico in style to create these talks that have become a reference that seeks to enhance our roots. This initiative was made up of five videos, in which different local talents who have become an international reference were celebrated, something that they proudly share with this tequila brand (and that you can find out from their platform).

Its ambassadors are Ana Martorell, Aldo Gracia, Paulina Morán, Ana Victoria García and Gladys Tamez, a hat designer who made a special collaboration and who did not hesitate to talk with us exclusively about her participation in this project inspired by national pride.

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A tribute to the land of tequila

As we mentioned, Gladys Tamez is a designer who takes Mexico up high, she specializes in creating luxury hats (the same ones that figures such as Jennifer Lopez or Yalitza Aparicio have already worn) and who created a unique edition in collaboration with Tequila Patron for Encounters with Mexico.

‘I am a Mexican hat maker and I love tequila, particularly white. I loved this participation because we both value craftsmanship, everything is handmade, with pride and passion. It is a dedication that at the same time I see in what Tequila Patrón offers, ‘he tells us.Gladyz Tamez is part of Encuentros con México

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Gladys Tamez created one with a design that shows the audacity of national design and was worn by Josémaría  (brand ambassador) at the opening of the event. ‘I took the White Pattern as an inspiration and brought it to the model. This is made with a  luxury material called staple, for this and all my designs I use molds, some date from 1900, with them I make the shape of the hat, but my artisans, originally from Mexico, are experts in giving them a special finish, because it is like molding a sculpture: it takes time, between creation and details it takes about 15 hours for each hat. It’s quite a project, ‘he explains.

‘What I wanted to do to represent Patron and that moment of union was to wear the color silver. It is made with the best quality, so it can last for generations, like good tequila, ‘he tells us.

Rediscover Mexico through Tequila Patron and its incredible ambassadors

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‘The passion behind a product that has taken the dedication and passion of people means a lot to me, and of course, if you want to achieve something well done, you have to pay attention and dedication to each of the details. If you want quality, you have to give it the hours, the minutes, and exquisite care: that definitely identifies me with Patron. ‘

That has characterized this brand since its founding, one that has sought to bring the best tequila to the world, so much was its passion for perfection that thanks to Patrón Silver, it introduced the Ultra Premium category into the universe of these drinks.

The designer sought something similar when creating hats with which she not only reiterates the heritage of artisan hands, but also the creative talent that emerges in this part of the world. “They contacted me to create this incredible project and the truth is that I have always liked what they do, particularly their white tequila,” he says Rediscover Mexico at the hands of a tequila firm with a history

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No hurries

This is how Patron Tequila is made, which has an agave ground by tahona, which is referred to as the oldest traditional process to make it and with which it preserves its essence thanks to the 60 hands that intercede in it. In a world in a rush, this firm knows that to differentiate itself from the rest, it is best to make perfect creations at your own pace. 

Encounters with Mexico is a reflection of when creative titans meet, some who, in addition to sharing their love for artisan work, also seeks to highlight a little of the best that this country has to offer.

We toast with this brand that takes the precise moments so that you can enjoy not only the best tequila, but also the best company. Discover here everything about its fantastic universe.

Source: vogue.mx

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