Mazatlan firefighters will have a new station to cover the entire port


The commander of the Mazatlán Fire Department pointed out that the emergency points will be located in La Marina and another between La Sirena and El Castillo ejido.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Currently the Mazatlan Fire Department has 4 stations, but they require 2 more to cover the entire city.

The Commander of the Mazatlan Fire Department, Edgar Enrique Peinado Beltrán, stated that the emergency points will be located in La Marina and the other between the La Sirena neighborhood and the El Castillo ejido.

He said that this measure is taken due to the needs required in the southern and northern areas of the municipality of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Currently, they already have the physical project for the station that would be located on La Marina Avenue, north of the port.

The development project for the new fire station was made known to the Provisional Municipal President, José Manuel Villalobos Jiménez.

Peinado Beltrán declared that they seek to contract the work through the support of the municipality and the state. He assured that they provide an average of 9 services a day and around 300 during a month. The vacant lot fires, he mentioned, take the first place in emergency calls followed by the accidents in the house-rooms.

The burning in vacant lots and the presence of swarms of bees are some of the most frequent reports that increase as the dry season approaches, which seriously affects the population.

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