Tzabnah: The King’s Palace that features 13 cenotes in Yucatan


Tzabnah, which in Maya means “king’s palace”, is located 40 km southeast of Merida near the town of Tecoh. Inside these caves, you can find formations of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, deep cliffs, and thirteen cenotes of different sizes.

Among the most impressive attractions of the promenade, figures the one known as the “Dome of the Cathedral”, for the extraordinary resemblance it has with the Cathedral of Merida. According to the legend, a Mayan prince who abducted a princess from another city, in this place they took refuge and lost, during their flight.

In this cave you have to descend 17 meters (50 feet) through a hole in the ground until you reach a fantastic cenote. This crystalline pool features a mix of sweet and salty waters and is crystal clear.

This pond is located inside a cave surrounded by rocky walls and strange formations that descend from the roof and others that emerge from the ground (stalactites and stalagmites). And as keep going, you will thirteen different cenotes, through tunnels leading to each one of them, which turns this cave into an exciting maze full of mysteries to discover.

  • – To enter the cave it is necessary to use a helmet, flashlight or lamp to avoid accidents. These items are provided by the local tourist guides when you hire their services.
  • -To must go with a specialized guide to take you to the caves, and you could hire him at the municipal palace of Tecoh.
  • -The cave area has parking area and information booth.

The Tzabnah caves are located 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Mérida. drive to the town Villa de Tecoh, you follow the sings to get to the  main plaza in town, from there, you head southeast on the road that leads to the archaeological zone of Mayapán, and you will see the sign just outside the town.

Source: SIPSE

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