Governor of Colima dismisses state official for gender violence

Ignacio Peralta Sánchez

Colima, Col. The president of the Colima Conciliation and Arbitration Board, Adán García Arámbula, was fired after he beat his wife on the night of April 30th.

Through a message published on his social networks, Colima Governor Ignacio Peralta Sánchez ordered the official to be terminated for gender violence.

Adán García Arámbula (Photo FGE)

He stated that his wife denounced the official after the incident at his home and for the same reason, the state governor mentioned that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) is already investigating the facts.

“Public servants must be an example in their actions and that they do not have a behavior of respect for the law and in a particular way towards women, they have no place in this government,” said Peralta Sánchez.

Adán García Arámbula was serving as president of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board since 2016.

Source: La Jornada

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