Mexico and Bolivia eliminate visa requirements for short stays


The measure will allow a 180-day stay for visitors from both countries, ratifying bilateral cooperation.

The Government of Mexico reported this Monday that after an agreement signed with the Bolivian authorities, the requirement of a visitor visa without permission to carry out paid activities between both nations is eliminated.

The Mexican authorities clarify that the agreement will promote the integration of the peoples, “facilitates the mobility for tourism, cultural, and business purposes of the nationals of both countries by allowing ordinary Bolivian passport holders to enter Mexico for up to 180 days with the condition of the visitor’s stay “, they add.

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry indicated that the measure will take effect on May 24, from that date Mexican travelers will be able to enter Bolivia with the same conditions.

Both Mexico and Bolivia consider that an agreement is reached after extraordinary work by the Working Group on Migration and Consular Affairs of both countries, “the measure reaffirms the bonds of brotherhood, cooperation and mutual commitments,” they add.

“The brotherhood and cooperation between Bolivia and Mexico is reaffirmed. Since May 24, we have suspended visas so that our brothers and sisters can travel without difficulty,” said the Bolivian Foreign Ministry.


Mexico Daily Post