The Sonoran Association of Tour Operators, Guides and Tourist Hosts affirmed that the tourists that Sonora receives are safe.

After the United States government issued a Level 4 Travel Alertto 5 states of Mexico, due to the rise in crime rates, and cases of coronavirus, the tourism sector will be impacted.

The State Department of that country also issued a recommendation for its citizens to reconsider traveling to 11 other entities of the Republic, among which is the state of Sonora, for the same reasons.

During the virtual protest of the neighborhood committee of the Los Angeles neighborhood and the integration of the chat "MAS in WhatsApp", the official explained that currently they are working on actions that guarantee the tranquility of the inhabitants.
The cases of violence in several municipalities of Sonora have been a factor for the entity to be on the list of the travel alert issued by United States authorities.
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However, the entity’s tourism sector is aware that measures have been taken in the state so that tourists can visit the different tourist spots without any concern.

In this sense, the Sonoran Association of Tour Operators, Guides and Tourist Hosts affirmed that the tourists that Sonora receives are safe since they have the support of service providers, who have coordination with the authorities.

Likewise, the president of the AssociationJulio César Rascón Torres, said that service providers have the training to implement the preventive measures of Covid-19 and guarantee the safety of visitors.

He affirmed that the service providers have visited the state of Arizona, to promote the tour packages in the different destinations of the entity, so they expect greater confidence for visitors from the neighboring country to visit the state of Sonora.

“Tourists do not travel alone, they travel accompanied in labeled vans and we are always backed by state security, I have not heard of any specific case in which a foreign or national tourist has been bothered or intimidated” he said.

Julio César Rascón Torres. Tour Operators, Guides and Tourist Hosts Association.

Rascón Torres said that the impact will be to a lesser extent since the influx of visitors is from national and local travelers, however, he acknowledged that in points such as Puerto Peñasco, the number of American tourists is significant. “We cannot speak of a strong blow to the economy, because Sonora is focusing on national, local, and regional tourism,” he said.

The states included in the alert are: Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Jalisco, State of Mexico, Morelos, Nayarit, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Sonora and Zacatecas are the entities that appear in this list, all of them based on the level crime. 


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