Los Cabos breaks visitor records


It is the national destination with the greatest recovery in tourist activity, recognized Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares 

Los Cabos has become the Mexican destination with the highest recovery in tourism, breaking visitor records in March of this year, as well as a continuous growth of one year to date, in national and international arrivals. The focus on people’s safety has been crucial in the reactivation of the destination’s tourist activity, confirmed Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, general director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (Fiturca).

General Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust

In March of this year, Los Cabos received more than 187 thousand tourists, a growth of 60.4 percent compared to last month’s figure and 28 percent in terms of annual growth. International visits to Los Cabos in March of 2021 represented 56 percent of visits in March 2019, being almost 25 percent more compared to the main tourist destinations in Mexico. 

The steady growth of tourism is driven by the security system, “Los Cabos takes care of you, a safer way to travel” This holistic program is focused on the commitment to general care in the destination, from visitors and the community to businesses and the ecosystem, seeking well-being for all, he highlighted.

Tourism in Los Cabos

“Being a luxury destination, we seek to offer the highest standards of care for everyone in Los Cabos, we understand the importance of providing a safe ecosystem to support our community that depends on tourism,” he highlighted.

Although there is a long road ahead of us to achieve full recovery, “we are encouraged by the trust of our visitors and the strong alliances we have developed to maintain our focus on safety,” said Rodrigo Esponda.

The successful business model of Los Cabos has played a crucial role in the destination’s response to the different challenges it has faced and focuses on these three principles:

1.-People: putting people first is Los Cabos’ highest priority. This means protecting and supporting the local community, businesses, and visitors. Some examples of Los Cabos’ efforts are strict health and safety protocols, cleanliness certifications, and participation in the Baja California Sur Community Alliance, a non-profit coalition formed in response to shortages of medical and food supplies, to cause of the pandemic, to support the local community. 

2.- Associations: the union has fostered growth and collaboration in the destination. The alliances have allowed the deep implementation of protocols, among them: collaboration agreements between the public and private sectors; alliance with Intertek Cristal, the highest standard of health and safety protocols, and Sharecare, which established Los Cabos as the first destination in the world with VERIFIED health safety certification. These are just a few examples of partnerships paving the way to recovery.

3. Planning with purpose: validating decisions through foresight builds trust. From reopening the destination to handling changes in visitor demand and reservations, Los Cabos always looks to the future to make data-driven decisions. In January 2021, Los Cabos used its hard data-driven model to ensure COVID-19 testing throughout the destination, while also supporting medical staff to support all international visitors.

As Los Cabos continues its road to recovery, the United States plays an important role as the main market for the destination, with 80 percent of all international visitors. The number of seats and routes from the United States have recovered 100%, projecting a positive growth trend in the summer.

Los Cabos rompió récord al recibir a más de 8,500 visitantes en un solo  día: Turismo - BCS Noticias

It highlighted a 22.2 percent increase in the number of flights scheduled from the United States for the next six months, as well as additional connectivity from established and new airlines such as Frontier, which began in March with routes from Las Vegas; Spirit, which begins in May with a route from Los Angeles; JetBlue, which begins in June with routes from Los Angeles, and New York and JSX, which returns this summer with routes from Los Angeles.

The destination will also host international events such as the ATP Tour, which will take place in July 2021, and the Los Cabos Film Festival, which will take place in November 2021 in a hybrid model, with an online and virtual format. The impulse has also achieved an increase in the visits of luxury travelers who arrive in the destination through private aviation, which has experienced a growth of 31%, in addition to private yachts to the Los Cabos Marina, which has grown 30 percent, he concluded.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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