Medical tourism boosts growth of real estate sector in Jalisco


Although it had a negative impact on the world economy, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a determining factor in the growth of the real estate sector in some cities of the country.

The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Pedro Fernández Martínez, told El Economista that Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, and San Miguel de Allende are the destinations preferred by foreign buyers, mainly from the United States and Canada, who are looking for a second property either for rest or for medical and dental tourism.

“Today Mexico is a world exponent for real estate medical tourism; in dental tourism, we are the first provider because we have excellent professional services at very affordable prices due to the difference in the peso against the dollar and against the euro, which means that foreigners can place their health trust in this country ”, he commented.

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He explained that another factor that will drive the growth of the real estate sector in 2021 is the millennial segment that now prefers to buy real estate instead of renting it.

According to the national leader of AMPI, citing data from Infonavit, in 2020 and despite the pandemic, “the acquisition of properties increased with the generation of millennials, a generation that previously only leased properties, but they already understood that the principle of its financial solidity is to acquire a patrimony ”.

Pedro Fernández pointed out that in the first half of last year, 47% of those who acquired a loan with Infonavit for the purchase of a home belong to the millennial generation.

Based on the behavior of the market, the leader of real estate professionals in the country affirmed that the expectation in 2021 is that “the real estate sector will become the first axis that generates the economy in the country.” 

The city of Guadalajara has become an important national and international benchmark

Guadalajara and its metropolitan area have become an attraction for medical tourism, due to its excellence in specialists and the number of public and private hospitals that offer quality care. In addition to this, the training of human capital and the spaces to organize massive events that bring together specialists from all over the world, give a plus to the city, which continues to receive significant investment, both in hospital matters, as well as in hotel infrastructure adapted for recovery post surgical.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development (Sedeco) of the government of Jalisco, until last October there was a record of 14,182 health care and attention spaces, as well as important investment announcements, including an Angeles Hospital. which is built in the Andares area, where there is already a Puerta de Hierro, both attractive for their quality in high specialty, as well as in outpatient surgery.

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“Beyond the outpatient interventions in dental and ophthalmological issues, there are some of orthopedics, traumatology or plastic surgery, because there is a great proposal in the city and it is attractive for a segment of tourism that is accompanied, looking for accommodation and even an agenda recreation ”, explained Germán Ralis Cumplido, head of the Ministry of Tourism in Jalisco.

He explained that the city has ideal conditions for the recovery of those who were intervened and there are at least eleven hotels in the Guadalajara metropolitan area with adapted rooms and tour operators who come to the airport for the patient, transfer him to his hotel and take care of take him and collect him from the hospital to return to the hotel or rest house for his recovery and assign him medical and nursing staff for his personal care and if so requested, they also offer leisure trips, mainly to Tequila, Chapala or Puerto Vallarta .

If to these conditions you add an important aspect, related to costs, which are calculated to be between 30 and 60% lower compared to other cities in the world known for its high specialty such as Houston, medical tourism gains greater strength, said José Francisco Muñoz Valle, rector of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS), of the University of Guadalajara, who has also seen an increase in its enrollment of foreigners, even from other continents, such as Europe and Asia, who seek school exchange to Guadalajara.

He explained that every six months they receive around forty exchange requests, since the highest house of studies in the entity has 57 medical, five dental and one nursing specialties within the National Quality Postgraduate Program, as well as 21 headquarters in hospitals for the exercise and six private universities where the career of doctor, surgeon and midwife is also taught.

“A competitive advantage offered by the state in medical tourism is the price and we see how Americans, Canadians and Europeans come here to have dental, cosmetic and other treatments with excellent results,” added Ernesto Sánchez Proal, head of Sedeco.

According to the state official, in addition to attracting the training of specialists, hospital investment and special post-surgical accommodation, the city also has at least four companies that manufacture advanced biomedical devices, endorsed by the state government agency. United, responsible for the regulation of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, biological products and blood derivatives (FDA, for its acronym in English), which are sold to a score of global companies dedicated to imaging issues, which makes turn to see Guadalajara as an ideal place for investment and represented 8.7 million dollars raised in the first half of 2019 for health-related issues.

With these data, the bet is to achieve the appointment of Guadalajara as “Capital of Health” and they are already working on aspects of homologation in legal matters to facilitate those from other countries who decide to visit Guadalajara, to facilitate the procedures related to billing, as well as handling of insurance policies of medical expenses.


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